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Our Services

Advanced Skin Analysis

This is where you start.

Here the magic begins and you will learn things you never knew about your skin. 


We will do a deep dive into why your skin is behaving the way it is. 


We use the world's leading technology to take images of your skin to show the underlying condition of every layer. 


A Skin Journey Kit is provided to take home so you know exactly what needs to be done for your skin to look its absolute best!                                                                           


Allow 80 mins                                                            

Cost: $99

Janine's Bespoke Facials

Facials to swoon over, right here...

The Light Facial

As the name suggests, the hero of this facial is the 'Light Therapy' featuring the world's most powerful LED Device - Dermalux Tri Wave MD.  It also includes one of my favourite add ons - the 'Enzyme Treatment'.
This is perfect for helping to clear congestion, blackheads, redundant skin cells, dry flakey skin or dull skin. 

This is the perfect introductory facial, prep and post skin needling facial or recovery facial if your skin is not able to handle much more thrown at it. 

Allow 50 mins 
Cost: $145

The Restorative Facial

Hands down our most popular facial!
In this facial you can expect all the wonders of Enzymes, Light Therapy, a Hydrating Alga Mask, a luxurious Foot & Leg Massage, Scalp Massage & Décolletage massage plus a customised serum cocktail of actives. 

(You get it, lots of pampering + results)

The best of both worlds!  

Allow 70 mins 
Cost: $185

The Mindfulness Facial

A facial like no other. 

This facial truly combines elements designed to heal and restore the mind, body & soul. 
Beginning with some Affirmation Cards & Aromatherapy touches, this facial is the ultimate reset. 

Step away from the stressors of life, and let yourself sink away while you experience a Guided Meditation under LED Light Therapy & an amazing Lymphatic Drainage massage designed to drift you to sleep. 

Your skin will also be treated to an Enzyme Treatment & Customised Mask for the perfect facial. 
You won't want to get off the bed after this one! 

Allow 80 mins
Cost: $215

The Qi Facial

Qi (pronounced chi) Beauty is the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture principles and the science of cellular memory.

Qi Beauty helps to improve tone, volume and the vitality of skin by stimulating facial Qi meridian lines using fine 24ct gold plated magnetic spheres.

Referred to as Static Magnetic Stimulation Technique, the magnetic spheres encourage skin regeneration using the force and movement of Qi to balance, repair and improve cellular integrity.

Each treatment is customised to your skin and concerns and makes them all unique. 

The results from this wonderful treatment can also be maintained with Qi Beauty Home Kits!!

Allow 80 mins

Cost: $239 

Taster Pack

When you can't decide and want to try all the facials, then order yourself a Taster Pack.

This is the perfect way to treat your skin and experience all the indulgence!

By purchasing upfront, your next four months of Facials are locked in and you save yourself 15% off! 


Cost: $669  (Valued at $788)

Skin Needling

The Number One Skin Rejuvenation treatment in the world!

​Prep is required for this treatment! Sorry (not sorry) - I'm here to help you achieve the best results after all :) 

How it works:


Skin Needling creates controlled Micro Wounds to the skin.

These controlled wounds then stimulate 'Growth Factors' within all of the different layers of the skin which in turn corrects course and makes everything work harmoniously and triggers new collagen production at the same time. 

This incredible treatment is second to none! It treats: 

- Fine lines & Wrinkles

- Pigmentation

- Acne Scarring

- Rosacea & Telangiectasia

- Grade I Acne

- Sallow or Dull Skin 


Face Only: $349

Face, Neck & Décolletage: $399

Course prices also available 

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