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Advanced Skin Analysis 

This is where you start! Here the magic begins and you will learn things you never knew about your skin. We will do a deep dive into why your skin is behaving the way it is. We use the world's leading technology to take images of your skin to show the underlying condition of every layer. Janine then performs a Cleanse to have a personal look at your skin without any product on, she then applies customised finishing products and provides a Skin Journey Kit to take home so you know exactly what needs to be done for your skin to look its absolute best!

Janine's Bespoke Facials

Facials to swoon over.. right here. {No overhearing other therapists chinwag, no uncomfortable bedding, no facials with clothes on!} It's nothing short of pure relaxation over here. Did I mention, we offer the best facials in the Nepaen (self proclaimed :P). Try it out and I bet you won't disagree!

Skin Needling

#1 Skin Rejuvenation treatment in the world! ​PREP REQUIRED! Sorry (not sorry) - we only want the best for your skin. Skin Needling creates controlled Micro Wounds to the skin. These controlled wounds then stimulate Growth Factors within all of the different layers of the skin which in turn corrects course and makes everything work harmoniously but also triggers new Collagen production.  ​ This incredible treatment is second to none! It treats:  - Fine lines & Wrinkles - Pigmentation - Acne Scarring - Rosacea & Telangiectasia - Grade I Acne - Sallow or Dull Skin  ​



Alongside Skin we also specialise in gorgeous shaped brows!

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